Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine


Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine premiered in 1984. It was shown on Channel 20, WDCA in the Washington, DC market on Friday, September 28, 1984 at 3 pm.


Professor Coldheart invents a Careless Ray Contraption, which he intends to use to freeze all the children in town. When his sidekick, Frostbite, inadvertently breaks the machine, the Professor enlists the help of a boy named Paul to fix it for him. The Care Bears only moments before were trying to persuade Paul not to get even with the bullies that were picking on him, and now they must stop Professor Coldheart from using his machine.


Tenderheart Bear, Funshine Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-A-Lot Bear, Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear, Bedtime Bear, Wish Bear, Good Luck Bear, Friend Bear, Grams Bear, Baby Hugs, Baby Tugs, the Cloud Keeper, Professor Coldheart, Frostbite, Paul, Lumpy.


The first appearance from Hugs, Tugs, Grams, and Professor Coldheart's sidekick, Frostbite. I love Hugs and Tugs a lot. They are so cute!

This by far is my all time favorite Care Bear cartoon. I'm not exactly sure why. It just is. Maybe it has to do with the Hugs and Tugs factor.

Upon inspection of the voice credits, I have discovered the name Bob Dermer in them (though I think it was mispelled as Bob Dermie). He voiced Grumpy Bear in the Nelvana "Care Bears Family" cartoons and the Care Bear movies, but I think he did Frostbite and the Cloud Keeper in this special.

We had an interesting sound effect in various places in this special. In the beginning when Hugs slid down the rainbow and crashed into Tugs, and whenever Professor Coldheart started poking at Frostbite, the sound effect sounded like one of those rubber squeaky dog toys!

I think most of the voices in this special were the same as in "Land Without Feelings," though I think Tenderheart had a different voice. I also think the voice of Cheer Bear was also Tugs, because they sounded a little similar. Unfortunately, I have no idea who did the voices in the special. I'm not familiar with any of the names.


GRAMS: Dear me! What would happen if I weren't here to take care of you?
TUGS: Don't worry, Grams Bear. I'm big enough to take care of myself, and Baby Hugs! I'm a Care Bear! (trips over his jam jar) Whoops!

CHEER: He needs some cheering up!
GRUMPY: No. A good grump!
FRIEND: A friend!
BIRTHDAY: A birthday cake!

TUGS: I'm a full fledged, genuine, one hundred percent Care Bear!

CHEER: Frostbite! What are you doing?
FROSTBITE: Umm, uhhh . . . . watering the pretty flowers!

PAUL: It's never too late if you care enough!


I Wanna Be a Care Bear

Give a Little

We're Gonna Put the Freeze on Feelings

Perfect Time to Make a Friend

Perfect Time to Make a Friend (Reprise)


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