Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings


Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings premiered in 1983. It was shown on Channel 20, WDCA in the Washington, DC market on Friday, September 21, 1984 at 3 pm.


The Care Bears travel to the Land Without Feelings to find a little boy named Kevin who has run away from home, because he was upset that his family was moving. Kevin meets up with Professor Coldheart, and the Care Bears must rescue him from his clutches.


Tenderheart Bear, Funshine Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-A-Lot Bear, Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear, Bedtime Bear, Wish Bear, Good Luck Bear, Friend Bear, the Cloud Keeper, Professor Coldheart, Kevin, Donna


This was the first ever Care Bears cartoon.

The animation was provided by MAD Productions, which is a subsidiary of Nelvana.

For some reason, I was always a little bit bothered when Kevin turned into one of Professor Coldheart's slaves. I don't know why, but I found it a little scary back when I was two.

When Tenderheart and Friend Bear go down to see Kevin and Donna, Friend Bear suddenly turns into Funshine Bear, and then she changes back to Friend Bear again. I think it was an animator mistake.


TENDERHEART: What now? Any ideas?
BEDTIME: Take a nap?
WISH: Make a wish.
BIRTHDAY: Have a party!
TENDERHEART: I meant any new ideas!

TREE: You broke my branch!

BIRTHDAY: Wow, birthdays make ya feel good! I should go!
WISH: I wish . . . .
FUNSHINE: I'll go instead.
WISH: I wish . . . .
GOOD LUCK: I'm going.
LOVE-A-LOT: No, me!
WISH: I wish they'd let me finish!

COLDHEART: Little friendly fuzzies? With things on their tummies? IN MY KINGDOM?! Disgusting, isn't it?


Care Bears Care a Lot About You

Professor Coldheart

Everyone Has Feelings

Care Bears Care a Lot About You (Instrumental Reprise)


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