Charmkins premiered in 1983. It was shown on Channel 5, WTTG in the Washington, DC market on Monday, October 8, 1984 at 3 pm.


Dragonweed, who is King of the Weeds, captures Lady Slipper, so she can dance for him and only him. The other Charmkins go to Thistledown to rescue her.


Brown Eyed Susan, Willie Winkle, Tulip, Lady Slipper, Dragonweed, Poison Ivy, Buttercup, Crocus, Poppy, Skunkweed, the Bramble Brothers, Briar Patch, Thorny, Blossom, Daffobill or Popcorn, depending on what you want to call him.


This was the only Charmkins cartoon ever made, but I have reason to believe it won an award.

Ben Vereen provided the voice of Dragonweed, and he really stole the show!

The other celebrity voices were Aileen Quinn (Brown Eyed Susan), who played the title character in the 1982 (or 1983, I forget which) movie "Annie," and Sally Struthers (Poison Ivy), who is probably best known as Gloria on "All in the Family."

The special was based on the Charmkins toy line from Hasbro. Dragonweed was a mail order item, and his henchmen never made it to the production line. Sis and I never had these toys as kids, because we were too young. The Charmkins were only about an inch tall or so.


BRAMBLE BROTHER: Didn't you miss the vine?
DRAGONWEED: I decided to hit the dog instead!

BROWN EYED SUSAN: Jumping gingerroot!

BROWN EYED SUSAN: Impossible my Aunt Daisy!

WILLIE WINKLE: Well what do you have to say now, King of the Weeds?
DRAGONWEED: You know, I could get to dislike the both of you very much!

DRAGONWEED: Get me out of here, you sticker heads!

SKUNKWEED: You keep saying or else. Or else what?


Charmkins Main Theme

I Feel Pretty Lucky

The Gloomy Swamps

There is No Such Thing as Impossible

Subterfugious, Hocus Pocus

Imagine Me at My Worst

You Can Find a Rainbow Anywhere

Charmkins (Reprise)


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