Commercial time! Here's a list of some of the commercials I know we had on the tape. These may not be in their proper order, due to the fact that my brain is monumentally fuzzy on the details. Heck, I'm surprised I remember this many!

Click the Link to See Screen Shots and a Transcript of the Commercial. Some commercials have video files. They are in .MOV format, so you will need QuickTime Player to view them. If you don't have QuickTime, you can Click Here to download it for Windows.

Dream Dancer Doll (Tomy)
Cabbage Patch Kids Koosas (Coleco)
Care Bears Plush: Love A Lot, Funshine, and Bedtime (Kenner)
Care Bears Plush: Grams, Baby Hugs, Baby Tugs (Kenner)
Care Bears Poseable: Professor Coldheart (Kenner)
Strawberry Shortcake: Baby Strawberry Shortcake and Baby Blueberry Muffin Dolls (Kenner)
Rose Petal Roadster (Kenner)
Rose Petal Cottage (Kenner)
Honeynut Cheerios: Slumber Party
Froot Loops: Cattle Drive
Return of the Jedi Plush Ewoks (Kenner)
Honeycomb Mini Metal License Plates
Play Doh Count Creepy Head and Friends Playset (Kenner)
Snugglebums (Playskool)
Chatty Patty (Mattel)
Lights Alive (Tomy)
Honey Nut Cheerios: Western
Shrinky Dinks Rainbow Brite Playset-Added 11/18/2012
Child Safety Program ACTION Added 11/18/2012
Get Along Gang Clubhouse Caboose Added 11/18/2012

This next list of commercials are ones that I'm not sure if they were on the Bit the Dust Tape or not, or another favorite tape of ours that we called "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show Tape." They were either on the BTD Tape, the CBSS tape, both, one or the other, or we might have seen them somewhere else entirely.

Baby Skates Doll (Mattel)
Bubblicious Pineapple Bubblegum
M&M's (Half Animated)
Gloworm (Hasbro Preschool)
Play Doh Doodler (Kenner)
Raisin Bran: Bike Race
Flowerific (Knickerbocker)
The Claw (Tonka)
Colgate Pump
Raisin Bran: Tug Boat
Go Bots Promo
Cabbage Patch Kids Hide and Seek Game
The Memory Game
Cabbage Patch Kids Books

The following are just some general notes about the commercials on our tape.

Neither of us are sure, but during the transition between WOSSC and SSCBWON, there was part of a commercial featuring a "Dracula"-esque character. Upon further investigation about WDCA, we found out that the channel used to have this horror movie thing, hosted by "Count Gore De Vol." Since we didn't have the whole commercial, it may or may not have been a promo for "Count Gore De Vol."

I might be losing my mind over this, only because I sort of remember it but my sister doesn't, but I'm pretty sure there was a commercial for Cocoa Krispies on this tape somewhere during one of the SSC specials. I couldn't come up with a story on that one if I tried.

While I'm on the subject, I think there was also a monster truck commercial somewhere during one of the SSC's as well, but again, not sure.
UPDATE! The monster truck I was thinking of may or may not have been the Claw, which is now here on the site. However, just because the commercial looked familiar, does not automatically mean we had it on one of our tapes. This is just the closest thing I've got.

There was also this thing with a car during CBLWOF. I don't know if it was a PSA or an insurance ad, or something completely different. I'm not positive, but I think the car crashed. I know it was driving around, and I seem to remember squealing tires, but that's about it.

I remember another something right before SSCHWS, only I don't know what it was for. All I can remember was that there was a man and a woman, and I think one of them is talking on the phone and then hangs up, and the other is watching. I think they were in the kitchen of their house, but I'm drawing a blank.
UPDATE! This may or may not have been the Child Safety Program ACTION PSA. When I saw this one on YouTube, I was pretty sure it was, considering it looked a bit like what I was thinking of.

Somewhere between CHARM and MLP, there was this "sketch" thing, of some kids playing with something, I don't know what, but I think it was something along the lines of a miniature park or something (I think I remember trees). Anyway, it's a still sketch, it doesn't move, and it's on a black background, and there's a VO, but I don't remember what it said.

Upon purchasing the 1984 and 1985 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalogs, Sis and I have discovered a game called "Cabbage Patch Kids Hide and Seek Game." The gist of the game was to take a CPK shaped peg out of the hole in the game tray when they rose, and tried to match the name at the bottom of the peg with the name on your card. Whoever matched three won. The game looks familiar to me, and I think we might have had a commercial for this one on the tape, but I'm not positive.

I found the Play Doh Doodler commercial on YouTube. Apparently, it had aired in the Chicago Area during either SSCBAC or SSCPOP. Videomercials Volume 46 had a Flowerific Jewelry maker on it. I remember something about a flower maker during CBLWOF, so the Flowerific looked familiar, but then again, so did the Play Doh Doodler.

Dream Dancer
Care Bears: Hugs, Tugs, and Grams
Care Bears: Professor Coldheart
Rose Petal Roadster
Rose Petal Cottage
Honey Nut Cheerios
Play Doh Count Creepy Head and Friends
Play Doh Doodler
Raisin Bran (BMX Bike)
The Claw
GoBots Promo

Baby Strawberry Shortcake and Baby Blueberry Muffin
Honeycomb Mini Metal License Plates
Raisin Bran (Tug Boat)

Care Bears: Love a Lot, Funshine, and Bedtime
The Memory Game
The Get Along Gang Clubhouse Caboose

Ewoks Plush (Volume 2)
M & M's (Volume 2)
Glo Worm (Volume 25)
Flowerific (Volume 46)

Lights Alive
Chatty Patty

Shrinky Dinks Rainbow Brite Playset
Child Safety Program ACTION

Cabbage Patch Kids Koosas
Baby Skates
Bubblicious Pineapple

Froot Loops