Get Along Gang: Caboose on the Loose


Caboose on the Loose premiered in 1984 as part of the Get Along Gang series. It was on CBS, WDVM (channel 9) in Washington DC, Saturday, September 22, 1984 at 9:30 am.


Bingo makes a bet with Catchum, giving him the caboose if he wins the rowboat race. When Bingo confronts him about cheating, the caboose rolls down the tracks, out of control, and finally ends up on a raft, heading down river. The rest of the Gang has to stop it before it can go over a waterfall.


Montgomery Moose, Dotty Dog, Zipper Cat, Portia Porcupine, Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver, Woolma Lamb, Catchum Crocodile, Leland Lizard, Mr. Hoofnagel


I'm not sure on this, but I think this was the second (or third, depending on how you look at it) episode of the Get Along Gang series. What I mean by second or third is this. The Get Along Gang consisted of two 12 minute episodes in one half hour. If you count the whole show as half an hour, then it's one episode. If you count the 12 minute cartoons as separate episodes, well, you get the idea.

DIC was the animation company of choice for this one. Their repotoire includes Care Bears, Inspector Gadget, and Popples, to name a few.

For some reason or another, I prefer the DIC series to the pilot. I like the animation better, and I like the voice cast MUCH better, especially Sparky Marcus as Montgomery and Nicky Katt as Leland.

Bettina Bush (voice of Dotty) and Scott Menville (voice of Bingo) have worked together on other cartoons of the 80's. On My Little Pony 'n Friends, Bettina Bush was the voice of Megan, and Scott Menville was Danny. On Rainbow Brite, Bettina Bush was Rainbow Brite herself, and Scott Menville was Brian. Robbie Lee, who voiced Zipper Cat, provided the voices of Twink, Shy Violet, and Indigo on Rainbow Brite as well, and was also Baby Quackers on My Little Pony 'n Friends in 1987. The voice of Portia Porcupine (Sherry Lynn) did various ponies including Galaxy, Gingerbread, and Baby Half Note on My Little Pony 'n Friends as well.


PORTIA: Bingo just bet and lost all his marbles!
ZIPPER: Oh yeah? If you ask me, he lost his marbles a long time ago!

WOOLMA: Get off of me, you bonehead!

WOOLMA: Oh disaster! I can't look!

MONTGOMERY: Good luck, Catchum. May the best boat win.
CATCHUM: Aw, save your breath! You'll need it. Heh, heh.

ZIPPER: Listen up, gang! Catchum tricked us! The bet's off!
MONTGOMERY: That means we've got the clubhouse back!
HOOFNAGEL: That's a relief!


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