The Get Along Gang: Pinch of This, Dash of That

*NOTE: This is NOT the original title card. I made this one in Photoshop using the title card to "Caboose on the Loose." I didn't have footage of the original title card, which is why I had to make this makeshift one*


Pinch of This, Dash of That premiered in 1984 as part of the Get Along Gang series. It was on CBS, WDVM (channel 9) in Washington DC, Saturday, October 13, 1984, at 9:30 am. Please note this isn't an official airdate, just a speculation. Exact date is unknown.


While mixing up a formula for paint with Braker's chemistry set, Montgomery accidently creates an anti-gravity formula, which Bingo tries to sell to an airplane company for big bucks.


Montgomery Moose, Dotty Dog, Zipper Cat, Portia Porcupine, Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver, Woolma Lamb, Braker Turtle, Mr. Stewart, Secretary


One of my favorite parts in this was when Bingo tried to sneak in to see Mr. Stewart. He first tries to disguise himself as a delivery man, and ends up losing his fake mustache, which ends up on Mr. Stewart's secretary. Then, there's Bingo in the cleaning lady's get up.

Another memorable moment is when Bingo crashes into the clothesline while he's flying and ends up in a baby's outfit, and he's even sucking his thumb.

This was actually the last episode my sister saw on the Family Channel when they aired the Get Along Gang series in the early 1990's.


ZIPPER: Don't you remember what happened the last time you had a chemistry set?
MONTGOMERY: The caboose needed that extra window.

DOTTY: Montgomery, what are you doing up there?
MONTGOMERY: Just hanging around.

WOOLMA: What about dear Montgomery? We'll never get him down!

BINGO: I'm going to make Mr. Stewart a very rich man!
SECRETARY: Mr. Stewart is already a very rich man.

BINGO: I'm here to clean Mr. Stewart's office.
SECRETARY: Go right in, Bingo.
BINGO: Thanks. Rats!

MR. STEWART: I didn't get where I am today by believing in anti-gravity formulas!

PORTIA: Joy and happiness are . . . . heeeeeerrrrre! (this is where she becomes airborne, thanks to the formula)


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