The Get Along Gang: Them's the Brakes


Them's the Brakes premiered in 1984 as part of the Get Along Gang series. It was on CBS, WDVM (channel 9) in Washington DC, Saturday, October 13, 1984, at 9:30 am. Please note this isn't an official airdate, just a speculation. Exact date is unknown.


The Gang is ready for a picnic in their caboose, but Dotty has to stay behind with her crotchety cousin Wilton. Montgomery invites him along. Since he's so crotchety, Bingo doesn't think he'll like the gang's squealing brakes, so he oils them, and that in turn, causes the caboose to race down the tracks uncontrollably, until they stop in an old gold mine, and have a run in with a ghost.


Montgomery Moose, Dotty Dog, Zipper Cat, Portia Porcupine, Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver, Woolma Lamb, Cousin Wilton, Prospector


Interestingly, Dotty's cousin looks more like a wolf than a dog, but wolves are part of the dog family, so it works.

Bingo's greedy streak is seen for the first time by me and my sister (this is because we didn't have the first episode, "Zipper's Millions," on tape at the time).

I wouldn't call this one a favorite of mine, but it had it's moments.


BINGO: Hey, who turned off the sun?

PORTIA: Wheeee! This is fun!

WILTON: Oh I really hate travelling!

GHOST: Leave this place while you can!
ZIPPER: I'm no chicken!
GHOST: You've been warned!
ZIPPER: On the other hand, I'm no fool, either!


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