Here are some of the commercial bumpers Sis and I remember from the Bit the Dust Tape. This also includes some other intro stuff from the tape.

*WARNING! This page is a bit graphic intensive!*

Get Along Gang Pilot

This was the bumper WDCA showed when going to and coming back from commercials for the GAGPilot. This was also used as the front box art from the video tape of the pilot, which is where I got this image.

This is where we came in on the tape, though I'm not sure which one of these two screenshots it was.

Care Bears

For both Care Bears specials, this was the bumper used. For CBLWOF, the voice of the Cloudkeeper provided the VO, and in CBBFM, it was the voice of Grams Bear. I got this image from Videomercials, Volume 2.

Click Here to See the "Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine" Bumper

Get Along Gang Series

There were various bumpers for the GAGSeries. They were all CBS bumpers. All of them came from Videomercials Volume 2.

Click Here to See the CBS Saturday Morning Bumpers
Many thanks to WREYNetwork on YouTube for these!

Strawberry Shortcake

There were various bumpers used for the five SSC specials that were on the tape.

This was the bumper used for SSCHWS and SSCBWON. This is a screenshot of the ending of the beginning credits of SSCHWS.

This was the bumper for SSCBAC. I have reason to believe the same one was used for SSCPOP, but I'm not sure. This screen shot came from a video from FuzzyMemories on YouTube.

Now confusing the heck out of me is the Chicago Bumper for SSCPOP. It looks like the one used for WOSSC, however, I'm not sure if this was the same bumper used for the DC area, or if all the commercial bumpers were the same, or what, because I could have sworn that the commercial bumper for SSCPOP was the same as SSCBAC. This screen shot came from a video from FuzzyMemories on YouTube.

This bumper came from Videomercials Volume 40. It *might* be the one used for WOSSC, though I'm not too sure. For one thing, I could have sworn the bumper for WOSSC was the same as the one used in SSCBAC. On the other hand, when I watched the Videomercials tape when I bought it, it looked awfully familar to me. There's no way to find out, though.

Click Here to See the Bumpers for SSCBAC, SSCPOP, and WOSSC
*Note, I'm still trying to locate the bumpers for SSCHWS and SSCBWON*


This Kenner logo (with their product logos swirling around) was shown right before both CBSpecials, and all five SSC specials. The VO said, "This Care Bears" (or Strawberry Shortcake) "special is brought to you by the many worlds of Kenner Toys." Sis tells me that she only remembers the Care Bears logo and Strawberry Shortcake logo on the tape, so this may be a different thing shown in another market or something. The Screen Shots came from Videomercials Volume 2.

Click Here to View "The Many Worlds of Kenner" Care Bear Bumper

Click Here to View "The Many Worlds of Kenner" Strawberry Shortcake Bumper

NOTE: The clip of the Shortcake Kenner Bumper came from FuzzyMemories, on YouTube. The clip of the Care Bear Kenner Bumper is from Videomercials Volume 2.

As far as I know, our broadcasts of CHARM and MLP did not have commercial bumpers. I don't know if that's true or not. I remember the commercial bumpers for the other specials, but these two have me completely baffled. Various MLP websites DO have screenshots of the MLP bumper, but nothing came back to me. If anyone at all has any video footage of these two commercial bumpers, please let me know!