Here are some pics of me, my sister, and various Bit the Dust related things.

*WARNING!* This page is a bit graphic intensive

Me on Halloween, 1983, age 1

Sis on Halloween, 1983, age 2
Mom said we still have these Cheer Bear Halloween costumes

Me, Easter 1984, Almost 2
Look at the Care Bear bedspread and the Care Bear curtains!

Sis, Almost 3, Easter 1984
Here are our Strawberry Shortcake dolls in the background

Christmas of 1984

Me, age 2

Sis, age 3

Me and Sis

Sis and Zipper Cat

Me holding a box wrapped in Get Along Gang wrapping Paper (no idea what was in it)

Me and Tenderheart Bear Plush

Sis (age 4), Woolma Lamb, and Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver, Christmas 1985

Me, either Spring of 1985, or 1986, I don't remember
Sis and I shared this Almond Tea night shirt. I think Shortcake herself was on it, too, but I don't remember

Then and Now:
Me and Grumpy Bear, Christmas 1984 (age 2), and June 2006 (age 24)

Sis, me, and our favorites:
Funshine Bear, Dotty Dog, Grumpy Bear, Montgomery Moose, Custard, Twilight, Pupcake, and Medley
*My sister requested to be pixelated out of this pic*