Resolved on Saturday, July 1, 2006

What is the Great Channel Debate? Sis and I were arguing about what channel the CBSpecials were on when the tape was recorded. Neither of us could remember.

The debate started after I had purchased Videomercials Volume 2, and got it in the mail. There was a 15 second promo for CBBFM, and then the opening for "Saturday Supercade" began to roll. The promo was for the CBS market in New York. So I started thinking if CBBFM was on CBS in New York, then it could have been on CBS in other markets. Namely the Washington, DC market. The special was syndicated, so it was possible.

Sis, however, didn't think so. She was pretty positive CBBFM (and CBLWOF for that matter) was on WDCA. This is when we started "beating the dead horse" as it were, over the subject. At one point, I started to agree with her over that both CBSpecials were on WDCA, but I didn't want to rule out the possibility that they could have been on CBS in the DC Market. It was possible, just not very likely. The problem was we wanted to prove each other wrong, but we couldn't.

Finally, I started talking about sending written letters to the WUSA (DC's CBS affiliate), and WDCA, asking for verification on the specials. The letters never made it past the rough draft stage. I sent the letters to two friends of mine via email for their input. My friend Arty, and fellow Get Along Gang fan, suggested checing the carchives of my local newspaper at the library.

July 1, 2006 settled the Great Channel Debate. I was able to check the Washington Post archives on microfiche, and I found that both CBLWOF and CBBFM were on WDCA. So were all the SSC specials, and the GAGPilot. So it turned out my sister was right, and I admitted it. At least she didn't rub it in my face!

The promo for CBBFM on WCBS in New York (screen shot from Videomercials Volume 2)

Click Here to watch the Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine Promo" on WCBS New York