This section is basically just a list of commercials I've been searching for. Some might have been on The Bit the Dust Tape, and others might have been on our Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show Tape. But whatever the case, I would love to have this commercials in my collection. If anybody has any of these, please E-mail Me and let me know!

Chatty Patty Doll (Mattel)
Lights Alive (Tomy)
Gremlins Plush Gizmo
Gremlins Cereal
Strawberry Shortcake Baby Needs a Name Doll (Kenner)
Glo Worm commercials from 1983-1985
Honey Nut Cheerios: Western Theme
Get Along Gang Clubhouse Caboose and Miniatures (Tomy)
Raisin Bran Commercials from 1983-1985
WTTG and WDCA Promos
Basically any commercial from 1984