This has not been easy, but it has been done. It was mostly thanks to Ebay, but I did find some stuff from the tape in other places before I discovered Ebay.

SUMMER 1991 Found both CBSpecials at Sam Goody while on a shopping trip with Sis and our grandmother. These lasted until 1992 or so. CBBFM met the same fate it's predecessor did! Yes, I watched it so much, it wore out. It again bit the dust. Back then, I was really upset when that happened, but now, I find it kind of funny. I remember giving CBLWOF to the neighbors at the time CBBFM bit the dust. At the time, I liked CBBFM better than CBLWOF, and I guess I felt if I didn't have CBBFM, I didn't want CBLWOF. Who can explain the reasonings of a 10-year-old?

WINTER 1993/1994 I don't remember which. I know that it was either the day after Christmas, or shortly afterwards. My family used to have this tradition of going bowling the day after Christmas (I say used to because both Sis and I now have to work the day after Christmas). This particular bowling trip resulted in lunch at Pizza Hut, and then popping into a nearby used video store. I don't even know if it's still there. There, I spotted MLP. At first, I thought it was the MLP movie from 1986, because I saw the MLP movie video about a year ago at a video rental place. Then I got a good look at the cover, and saw Firefly, Twilight, Bowtie, Medley, Megan, and the Moochick, and I read the back cover of it. It was definitely the MLP from the Bit the Dust Tape all right! There's a funny story surrounding this one as well. When we got home, it took me forever to put the darn tape into the machine! Sis was wary because of the monster factor (and she wasn't bugged by the pretty ponies being turned into ugly monsters when she was three because?), and I was afraid the tape would break after one viewing. Well, finally, I put it in. Now I'm glad I did. We still have this one, by the way. I think I learned my lesson about tapes with CBBFM!

SUMMER 1996 We had recently rented SSCPOP, WOSSC, and SSCBWON at a nearby Blockbusters. Sis brought up the store that I got MLP from also had SSC videos. I don't know how, but we asked Mom to take us down there to check it out. The only SSC video they had was SSCPOP. We also picked up the two Care Bear movies while we were there (up until then, the only copies of those we had were on Beta). Then we got a huge surprise. Sis found the GAGPilot. I didn't think we'd ever see that one again! I had no clue it was even out on tape! Though I was a little nervous about watching it, because the box illustrations looked nothing like what I remembered, and I was afraid it wasn't the same special. Turned out it was.

CHRISTMAS 1997 Though it could have been 1998. This was definitely Christmas, I just don't remember the exact year. I had found SSCBAC at a Best Buy, and I'm still wondering how in the world that happened! My parents bought it for me, and put it up for Christmas. At this point, Sis and I were choosing our own presents, since Mom and Dad didn't have the slightest idea what to give us. This way was easier.

SUMMER 2001 Found CBBFM again, after a very long lull of giving up the search. I had rented CBLWOF from Blockbusters a couple of times, and Sis and I had both that and CBBFM on a tape at the time, but they were taped off the air from Toon Disney, and edited to look like episodes of the Care Bears TV series, and I wanted them uncut, because I'm somewhat of a Care Bear (and MLP) purist. My Aunt Missy told me about, which was Ebay's sister site, because I wasn't having any luck finding CBBFM on Ebay. I found it on Half, and yes, I still have this copy.

FALL 2004 It was the day before Thanksgiving when CHARM came in the mail. I had found it a few days earlier on Half. Interestingly enough, I hadn't intended on replacing this one. I changed my mind one night while surfing MLP webpages. One site had info on Hasbro's Charmkins toys, and this included info on the cartoon. It sort of peaked my interest, and I wanted to see it again, so a quick trip to came through. Since then, CHARM has become a favorite of mine.

SPRING 2005 I found CBLWOF on Ebay. Nothing much to tell about this one, except the tracking on the VCR had me worried. It played fine in my basement, and on Sis's machine, though. It was just my machine that was acting weird.

FALL 2005 I went GAG Crazy at the end of 2005! I found a tape with GAGCOTL and GAGMMM on it. Then there was a second tape with GAGDetectives on it. A third tape had GAGHollywood on it. All of these came from Ebay.

WINTER 2005 The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I bought SSCHWS and SSCBWON on It took them forever to come in the mail. They didn't arrive until right before Christmas.

JANUARY 2006 Found WOSSC on Ebay, and GAGTTB. It was around then when I stopped for awhile, even though we were only 99% finished replacing the tape.

JUNE 2006 I had formulated this project in April or May. It took me a long time to finally get it onto the computer, and that included getting the screen shots. I had asked two of my friends who are big Get Along Gang fans for screen shots of GAGPOTDOT. One friend in the UK gave me screen shots, but for some reason, they weren't what I was looking for. So my other friend in California loaned me his copy of the episode, and I got the screen shots from that.

As of now, the entire tape has been replaced, program wise. We are still missing a ton of the commercials, but I think it's somewhat futile to try and search for them.