Just a word of thanks to everyone who has helped me through this project

MY PARENTS, for recording the tape in the first place, putting up with endless and often repetitive questions about the darn thing, and for supporting me in this, and any other project. Also thanks to my mom who put up with countless hours of the "If You Want to Talk Berry" song from "Strawberry Shortcake's Housewarming Surprise" (a song which she can not stand), and for our dad, who humored me and my sister for watching the tape with us, countless times.

MY SISTER, for putting up with rantings, ravings, theories, showing her commercials, and repetiveness, and all in all, driving her crazy with this project (it's a sister thing)

ARTHUR YEE, for loaning me his copy of The Get Along Gang episode, "A Pinch of This, a Dash of That," so I could get the screen shots I needed from that episode for this site, and for putting up with my repetitive running my GAGSeries airdate theories on him time and time again

FUZZYMEMORIES, WREYNETWORK, VIDEOMERCIALS, and YOUTUBE, for just being there! Without them, I never would have found the commercials I have up here, or the commercial bumpers. Special thanks go to Fuzzymemories and WREYNetwork for their permission to use their video clips from YouTube for this site

WTTG and WDCA, for their permission in allowing me to use the screen shots of the WTTG 1984 and WDCA 1985 logos for this site

NELVANA, MAD, DIC, MARVEL, HASBRO, TOMY, KENNER, and THOSE CHARACTERS FROM CLEAVLAND, for creating these characters, toys, and cartoon shows

And everyone else who has stopped by this site to look around, watch a couple of videos here, and sign the guestbook.